The once-noble minotaurs of Eos have perhaps one of the most pitiable of histories, as these proud people witnessed the rise of their great civilization and the terrible fall it suffered, and survive to this day in the shadow of their former glory, their past accomplishments lost to the rubble of time and destruction. The early minotaurs were the favored children of the goddess Asteria, a deity of starlight, astrology, and mathematics. She was a kind and gentle goddess in the Dawn Era when the gods were many and the races of the world fresh and uncivilized, save for a few. With her tutelage and guidance, the minotaurs learned much of the world and sciences, developing one of the earliest accurate calendars and collecting vast quantities of knowledge within their expansive city of Rhulophon. While an exact year is impossible to divine, it is suspected that Rhulophon was established sometime about halfway into the Dawn Age, around the year -7000 IC.

Rhulophon and the small but advanced minotaur civilization thrived under the careful eye of Asteria for a precious few hundred years, achieving levels of philosophy, art, and sciences that are rumored to have rivaled the knowledge possessed by the enigmatic Emkari. Unfortunately, the demonic lord Baphomet, bearing a mighty grudge against Asteria from the Dawn War, assaulted the city and its goddess around the year -6600 IC. Hordes of demons spilled through gateways ripped open from the stone and sky above glorious Rhulophon, with the Horned King himself stepping through and challenging the Goddess of Starlight to single combat. Asteria had grown complacent in the millennia following the Dawn War, and without the aid of her sibling deities fell to the might and brutality of Baphomet. The blood of wounded Baphomet and the slain god flooded the streets of Rhulophon, tainting and corrupting everything it touched. Those minotaurs that were unable to escape the city in time were warped into the savage, monstrous brutes that still wander Startrail Canyon in service to their new demonic king.

With the crushing fall of their great city and beloved goddess, the surviving minotaurs fled from the Gehdol region. They were scattered and unable to communicate with one another, and so divided a multitude of tribes. Soon their scientific prowess was replaced with a deep knowledge of nature as shamans began to substitute their philosophers, and the minotaurs forged a deep connection with the natural world. Unfortunately the blow Baphomet made against them scarred their race irreparably, and the minotaur people have never again risen to anything resembling their former glory.

Today, minotaurs live much as they have for the past few thousand years. They are divided into small semi-nomadic tribes all across Galotte. There is rarely much interaction between these tribes due to a generally vast distance between any two, though this is no reflection of unfriendliness. When two minotaurs meet, they are often instantly drawn to one another to learn of their people found elsewhere in the world. Minotaurs rarely play any part in world politics, having lost all taste for such pursuits since their adoption of more rustic lifestyles. This social devolution has also resulted in a severe lack of much written history of the race, and so little is known of their activities since the fall of Rhulophon.

More recently, multiple tribes have come together around the dwarven city of Highforge, which is the closest settlement of real size near ancient Rhulophon. The minotaur and dwarven leaders engaged in discussions in the year 1607, and in 1610 launched initial expeditions into Starfall Canyon to find out the current situation of the lost city and its fiendish inhabitants. This will, both races hope, lead to the minotaurs reclaiming their lost heritage and eliminating a real threat in the region.


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