Jerad Quickleaf

Syndicate spy working within the ranks of the Royal Historical Society (Deceased)


A halfling operative of the Syndicate of Shadows who worked as a spy within the ranks of the Society’s dig at Baslet. Jerad was well versed in Emkari machinery and the ancient traps that may lurk within the ruins, and as such was easily able to secure a spot in Flintbrow’s team. He presented an air of amiability and helpfulness, though was always seeking the opportunities the Syndicate required to enter the ruins and discover the Head of the Demon before the Society. Jerad was of average height and build for a halfling, and had scruffy auburn hair with long sideburns. He wore fingerless gloves in the cold weather to better manipulate his tools, and always had a few knives and his trusty howdah gun at the ready in case his cover was ever compromised.

Jerad was killed in the Baslet Ruins after he was discovered to be working for the Syndicate.

Jerad Quickleaf

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