Gilveram Ekidrus

The Tempest of Monrevael and Fallen Hero of the Second War (Deceased)


The leader of the Syndicate of Shadows’ operations in the Baslet ruins. Gilveram is a brutal mercenary and veteran of the Second War, bearing many scars both within and without. Once a soldier for the fallen city-state of Monrevael, he won some renown for his combat prowess with the scimitar and earned the title “the Tempest.” He was hired by the Syndicate to search the Emkari ruins for the Head of the Demon and retrieve it before the Royal Historical Society could get their hands on it. Bringing with him a sizable team of Syndicate cronies along with the imprisoned Atticus Corvid, Gilveram awaited an opportunity to sneak into the ruins and take whatever he can before the Society discovered his presence. Gilveram was a crafty fighter who was unafraid to make tactical retreats and use dirty tricks to gain an upper hand.

Gilveram was slain by the party within the Baslet ruins.

Gilveram Ekidrus

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