Baron Tarlton il'Gabros

The Durath-appointed ruler of Monrevael


The appointed baron of Monrevael, il’Gabros is a grotesquely obese man of middle age and simpering yet cruel disposition. He is greedy and hateful to the extreme, punishing even the lightest of crimes with the harshest sentences imaginable. Because his position allows him nearly free reign within the city, he taxes the people to destitution and feeds his own gluttonous desires with their wages. He likewise sends false and exaggerated reports to the king of Durath about the progress of restructuring the city, blaming the uncooperative people for the constant delays in bringing Monrevael back to its former glory.

Secretly a worshiper of Bhagga, God of Indulgences. Devoured by an animated statue while the party fought a priest of the vile god and his servants.

Baron Tarlton il'Gabros

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