Twin Warforged seeking answers to their past (Hammer - Deceased)


“Twin” warforged discovered in a previously explored Emkari ruin that accompany the Society during the excavation of the Baslet ruins. The two appear almost identical, being the same model of warforged, and they are distinguished by the markings they have placed upon their shoulders: one of a hammer, the other of an anvil. They have kept one another company for their entire consciousness, and are as close as brothers. Hopeful to help in the discovery of more of their brethren, they joined up with Phelos Flintbrow’s excavation team as workers. While very similar, some personality differences have arisen over their two-year lives: Hammer tends to be slightly more foolhardy and adventurous, while Anvil demonstrates significantly more caution and wariness. Both are friendly to nearly everyone, still taking in much of the world as would a child.

Hammer was killed by the Syndicate of Shadows in the Baslet ruins. Anvil’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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